How To: Use Chevy Automatic Parking Assist

How To: Use Chevy Automatic Parking Assist

Experience stress-free parking with Chevy Automatic Parking Assist, a game-changing technology from Chevrolet. Say goodbye to parking anxieties and welcome the convenience of step-by-step guidance. Chevy Safety Assist enhances your confidence on the road by providing a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features. Learn more about Rear Park Assist Chevy now at Mike Anderson Chicago Chevy! 

How It Works

So, what is Park Assist Chevy? Chevy Automatic Parking Assist is an advanced system that employs strategically positioned ultrasonic sensors around the vehicle to detect available parking spaces. By utilizing these sensors, the system can identify suitable spots for both parallel and perpendicular parking. Once a spot is identified, the magic begins.

How To: Automatic Parking Assist in Your Chevy

Activating Automatic Park Assist is a simple process. Just press the designated button on the dashboard or activate it through your vehicle’s infotainment system, depending on the specific Chevy model you’re driving. Once activated, the system initiates scanning for parking spaces. Pressing the Automatic Parking Assist button focuses the scan on the right side, while engaging the left turn signal or selecting the left side on the infotainment screen directs it to search for spaces on the left.

As the system scans, you’ll receive audio and visual cues that indicate the discovery of a suitable parking space. A beep will sound, accompanied by instructions displayed on either the instrument panel or infotainment screen. These instructions will guide you throughout the parking process, including when to stop, shift into reverse, and release your hands from the steering wheel. Additionally, a reassuring steering wheel vibration may signal that it’s safe to let go.

Easy Stress-Free Parking Guidance 

Still wondering what is Rear Park Assist? To experience a seamless parking process, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the instrument panel or infotainment screen. These instructions will guide you on when to brake, shift gears, and relinquish control of the steering wheel. Each new instruction will be accompanied by additional beeps to keep you informed. Once the parking maneuver is completed, a final beep will sound, accompanied by a “Parking Complete” message. It is essential at this point to apply the brakes and shift the vehicle into park.

Chevy Safety Assist Brings Peace of Mind on the Road

Chevrolet understands the paramount importance of your safety on the road. That’s why it bundles six advanced safety features into Chevy Safety Assist. This comprehensive suite provides an additional layer of confidence and peace of mind during your drives. Chevy Safety Assist includes Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Braking, Following Distance Indicator, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, and Intellibeam Auto High Beam Assist. These features work together to actively monitor your surroundings, alert you to potential dangers, and assist in avoiding accidents.

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