We Want Your Leased Chevy!

We Want Your Leased Chevy!

Do you currently lease a vehicle? Now is the perfect time to return it! With a shortage of microchips needed to manufacture new vehicles, the auto industry is experiencing low supply. Right now, many used cars are selling for even more than new cars. If you still owe on the vehicle, don’t worry. That doesn’t stop you from trading in your leased vehicle for a great price. Learn more about how much you can get for your leased vehicle even if you still owe money on it at Mike Anderson Chicago!

Turn In Your Lease To Us 

At Mike Anderson, we want your leased Chevy. Whether or not the vehicle has been leased from Mike Anderson to begin with, we will take the lease return. It is easy, convenient, and reliable to return your leased vehicle to your local Chicago Chevy dealer. We’re the #1 Chevy dealer in Chicago and Indiana, and we’re the Chevy Giant! 

How To Turn In Your Leased Vehicle 

Can you return a leased car early? The answer is yes! People do this all the time. It’s called a lease return. Many customers return their leased vehicle early to get better Chevy finance deals, upgrade their vehicle, or try something else out that fits the season better, like getting all-wheel drive for the winter. Once you’re ready to turn it in, all you have to do is bring it to our Chevy dealer Chicago, and we’ll handle all the paperwork for you. Then, you can take home a new or leased vehicle. We’ll even help you find better Chevy financing options or get an auto loan Chicago

Get The Best Deal For Your Trade-In

Visit our easy-to-use website to value your leased vehicle now! Just enter the year, make, model, and trim of your used vehicle to get an estimate of the car trade in value. In 2 steps and 10 seconds you can see all the similar cars to yours for sale in the market today!

Visit Mike Anderson Chicago!

Looking for Chevy dealers in Illinois? At Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Chicago, we are one of the area’s premier Chevrolet dealerships with a huge selection of Chevy cars, trucks, and SUVs for you to choose from. Founded in 1969 by Bob Anderson, Mike Anderson Chevy Chicago is proud to continue to serve the community with a great selection of vehicles and top-notch customer service to everyone who walks through our doors. Visit us today to learn more about how you can lease a car Chicago!

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