How To: Use Voice Recognition

How To Use Chevy Voice Recognition

With Chevy Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect your phone to the vehicle, allowing hands-free calls, streaming audio, and more. Plus, voice control lets you use voice commands to control many of the features on your vehicle. There are different types of voice control options available, and each works a different way. Get Voice Recognition on your 2023 Chevy Model at Mike Anderson Chevy Chicago today!

Bluetooth Voice Commands

If your vehicle is equipped with voice-recognition technology, you can use voice commands to make calls, control your infotainment system and work with Siri or Google Assistant on your compatible Bluetooth-connected phone, depending on which kind of features your vehicle supports. To use it, press and hold the Push-To-Talk button on the steering wheel (a short press will not work). This can only control functions supported by your phone (e.g., calling, calendar, texts, map apps).

How to Activate Chevy MyLink 

Chevy technology is constantly innovating. Don’t you love the convenience of using “Siri” on your iPhone or “Alexa” on your Amazon devices? Now you can use Chevy voice recognition via MyLink. Here’s how to set it up: 

  1. Place your vehicle in Park. Press the Push to Talk button, wait for the beep, and say “Pair Phone.”
  2.  On the phone, look for the vehicle’s hardware and select it.
  3. Your phone will either ask to enter a 4-digit pin, which is displayed on the radio screen, or to confirm a 6-digit code.
  4. Accept Bluetooth connection and/or phonebook download on your phone.
  5. Now your phone is paired.

How to Use Embedded Voice Recognition 

  • If your vehicle has embedded voice recognition Chevy features, you can use them by pressing and releasing the Push-to-Talk button   on the steering wheel. 
  • The audio system will mute and you’ll hear a voice prompt. Wait for the beep before you say a command.
  • Say what you want the system to do. You can speak naturally or in direct commands. Your vehicle touchscreen will display example commands while the voice session is active. 
  • For full functionality, make sure your smartphone is paired and connected and your contact list is downloaded. Say “Pair phone” to begin the pairing process; you can also pair the phone manually using the vehicle touchscreen.
  • Say “Switch phone” to make calls from a different Bluetooth-connected phone from your paired devices list. 

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