How Often Should I Wash My Car In Winter?

How Often Should You Wash Your Car In Winter?

Roads are going to be regularly covered in salt to counter snow, ice, and slush. While salt plays an important role for public safety in the colder months, the compound has degrading properties that can also damage your vehicle if you’re not careful. Salt can destroy your vehicle’s finish, increase rust, and potentially interfere with your car’s winter driving performance. Avoiding salt damage is just one of the many reasons to increase the frequency of washing your car in winter. Get your winter car wash now at Mike Anderson Chevy Chicago!

How Often To Wash Your Vehicle In Winter 

In general, vehicle experts typically recommend getting a car wash roughly once every two or three weeks. However, the harsh conditions that come along with winter weather require shorter intervals between car washes. The recommended frequency for washing car in winter months is about every ten days, but drivers in very snowy areas should wash their vehicle every five to seven days. Although this might seem like a lot, most car washes have frequent customer deals that allow you to save money if you purchase a package. 

Professional Car Washes Offer Great Advantages 

During the winter, washing your car frequently is important to remove salt buildup and other damaging materials on your vehicle’s exterior. Unlike those you can do at home, professional car washes use high-pressure hoses to spray the salt off of hard-to-reach areas like beneath wheel wells and behind fenders to ensure all salt is thoroughly washed off. Find a Chevy Service Center Near Me to schedule your professional car wash today!

It’s also a good idea to get your car washed during the daytime. This allows more time to dry since the frigid temperatures at night will just freeze any remaining moisture. The optimal temperature for washing your vehicle is 40°F or higher. Other good winter tips include keeping a winter emergency car kit with you at all times and using winter car covers to avoid salt damage while your vehicle is stationary. 

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Tires 

Another important car washing tip for the winter months is rinsing off your vehicle’s tires. Tires receive the most exposure to salt throughout the winter because they are not only closest to the road, but they also have pockets that might pick up salt during the course of your drive. It’s recommended that you pay extra attention to your vehicle’s tires during the winter. It’s a good idea to rinse your tires yourself more frequently than your regular car wash. Keep them clean and salt-free by checking and rinsing them every few days or so. 

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