10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Vehicle

Right now is a great time to buy a used vehicle. While many used vehicles on dealer lots are newer than previous averages, it’s still important to ask a lot of questions when buying a used car to ensure you don’t have buyer’s remorse or any unexpected problems down the road. Looking for a used car near me? Mike Anderson Chevy is a great place to buy used cars Chicago!

Here are the top questions to ask when buying a used car

1. What is the vehicle’s ownership history?

While the dealership might not always know the vehicle’s ownership history, it’s still worth asking how many owners the car has had, who owned it, and for how long. Take caution if you can’t find this information at all because there may be unexpected consequences. 

2. How many miles does the vehicle have? 

A good indicator of a vehicle’s condition is its mileage. Although more mileage is not always a bad thing, more mileage can make it more likely to have problems in the future. Knowing the mileage can help you determine if the vehicle is in the right condition for your needs. 

3. How has the car been maintained in the past?

It’s important to know how the car’s previous owner took care of it, like whether the car had regular checkups and maintenance. This will help you estimate the condition the vehicle is in. 

4. Can I take the car on a test drive?

If you’re buying used, you’ll want to make sure to really get in the vehicle and get to know it before spending a significant amount of money. This also allows you to make sure things are working properly.

5. Why is the owner selling the car? 

While the owner might simply be selling the vehicle for financial reasons, it’s possible they are selling it for more serious reasons. You’ll want to ask just to determine the overall condition of the vehicle. 

6. Can I take the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection? 

Even just asking this question can be very revealing. If the current dealer allows you to get it inspected, it indicates they’re not hiding anything concerning about the vehicle. 

7. Does the vehicle show signs of smoking or pets?

These things may influence your decision when buying the vehicle, but if it doesn’t bother you, no big deal. If signs of smoking or pets is something you prefer the vehicle not have, it’s worth getting inside the vehicle to check it out. 

8. Do you have the title available? 

Buying a vehicle from someone who has the title in hand makes the process much easier. You can still get the title from the bank holding the loan or to work around the owner not having the title, but it may be difficult and delay your purchase.

9. Is there any warranty remaining on the vehicle?

Many used vehicles are traded in before its warranty has expired. Additionally, specific warranty coverage is often available from dealerships on used vehicles. This can save you a lot of money and time in the long run, so it’s worth seeing what’s available. 

10. What is the basis for this selling price? 

This can be a question to ask to determine if the seller is giving you a fair price for the vehicle’s value. It’s still important to do your own research on popular sites like CarFax to verify the vehicle’s value.

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